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aSAY Comm

aSAY Comm

aSAY Comm – as one of the first investments – is the starting point of the vision and value carried through the Group Companies,

Our respect to work and willingness to gratify our customers in return of their trust, are the only common parts for our solutions applied with various technologies, in various projects for various sectors not only in our country Turkey also abroad in various countries; by our cabability of analytical thinking and adding value to what we do, in Information Technologies.

The technologies behind our tailor-made projects, have always been best of breed, most satisfactory most effective and unique for our customers, by our dynamic, young, precisely targeted, open minded and innovative approach, which also made us climb up in the sector each year.

Being aware about the importance of Information Technologies for our clents within the new era and the reason behind their investements are process optimisation and business continuity; our installation, provisioning, commissioning and post-sales support activities are all designed to satisfy our customers in service level terms by our well-trained human resources.

Our faith “Knowledge is something very exceptional which grows also when you share it” and our principle of keeping the ambition to accompany our customers have always remained as the most significant characteristic s of our company during and also after our institutionalization.