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aSAY Energy

aSAY Energy

aSAY Energy is one of the next generation investments of aSAY Group and also the most environmentalist representative. Focusing on Energy Management Systems, Smart Street Lighting Solutions and Smart Grid Architectures as well their as value added services, aSAY executes certifiable projects fullfilling the most recent expectations and efficiency in energy.

Our main objective is to create awareness about the wind of change in energy especially for Utilities, Electricity – Natural Gas – Water Distribution Companies, Industrial Zones, Municipalities, Corporates, all consumers including households; letting them know about the importance of their positive contribution for the environment. Furthermore we try to establish this vision as a culture for all individuals, by our well-trained, skillful human resource who are aware that every single saving is an investment to the future.

There are lots of things that we can do in order to protect the earth, but everything starts with loving it according to our opinion.