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aSAY Group


aSAY Group continues the culture of being a niche player with the investments in Automation Technologies, Energy and Energy Control Systems along with Value Added Distribution sectors, after the success achieved in Information Technologies and Electronics since 1998.

Each company and invidual employee embraces the principle of being a part of the group motto “keep on developing and innovation” to sustain our visionaire approach to implement latest technological requirements and hold on to the dynamism and enthusiasm since the first day our companies were established with the social conciousness and customer focused services and solution mentality.

Our vision has become being innovative and our mission has become performing most focused and best solutions as the most important thing was always our will for being able to offer up-to-date information to our customers about technological improvements as well as serving the most beneficial ones for them.

Our ambition to accompany our customers in any case; and any time in addition with our tailor-made approach in business along with our know-how performed by well-trained staff; always made us achieve success stories.
aSAY Group will always remain as a raising value with the spirit of being a trusted partner for customers.

aSAY Comm

aSAY Comm

aSAY Comm – as one of the first investments – is the starting point of the vision and value carried through the Group Companies,

Our respect to work and willingness to gratify our customers in return of their trust, are the only common parts for our solutions applied with various technologies, in various projects for various sectors not only in our country Turkey also abroad in various countries; by our cabability of analytical thinking and adding value to what we do, in Information Technologies.

The technologies behind our tailor-made projects, have always been best of breed, most satisfactory most effective and unique for our customers, by our dynamic, young, precisely targeted, open minded and innovative approach, which also made us climb up in the sector each year.

Being aware about the importance of Information Technologies for our clents within the new era and the reason behind their investements are process optimisation and business continuity; our installation, provisioning, commissioning and post-sales support activities are all designed to satisfy our customers in service level terms by our well-trained human resources.

Our faith “Knowledge is something very exceptional which grows also when you share it” and our principle of keeping the ambition to accompany our customers have always remained as the most significant characteristic s of our company during and also after our institutionalization

aSAY Energy

aSAY Energy

aSAY Energy is one of the next generation investments of aSAY Group and also the most environmentalist representative. Focusing on Energy Management Systems, Smart Street Lighting Solutions and Smart Grid Architectures as well their as value added services, aSAY executes certifiable projects fullfilling the most recent expectations and efficiency in energy.

Our main objective is to create awareness about the wind of change in energy especially for Utilities, Electricity – Natural Gas – Water Distribution Companies, Industrial Zones, Municipalities, Corporates, all consumers including households; letting them know about the importance of their positive contribution for the environment. Furthermore we try to establish this vision as a culture for all individuals, by our well-trained, skillful human resource who are aware that every single saving is an investment to the future.

There are lots of things that we can do in order to protect the earth, but everything starts with loving it according to our opinion.

aSAY Value Added Distributor

Our Value Added Distribution channel, aSAY VAD, is one of the most out-standing reflection of our Group Culture for investing in bening sectors.

aSAY VAD, serves unified solutions as a combination of the products in our representation and distribution network of Smart Home and Automation products to create comfortable enviroments for our customers; suiting their way of living and making their lives easier, by virtue of the knowledge and analytical approach accumulated from our Group Companies.

Our partner and dealer channel has got larger, wider and become stronger day by day, by our principle of high level customer satisfaction; as our distribution structure has been contributed specialy for this goal. Our culture of providing gratificial services with respect to lifestyles of geographical aspects, as well as the well-trained and customer oriented human resource structure throughout a wide area as Turkey, Turkic Republics and Middle East are the key effects of our strong dealer channel and customer satisfaction. Thus, we are extremely happy to make customers get high quality – 7×24 services as well as creating solutions to make their lives easy.

Within the new era, smart home and automation applications have evolved from being a luxury and have become a requirement and of course our energy efficient solutions make us more preferable for our customers.

Our Brands


Control 4 Turkey


Control4; günümüzün dijital ev düzeni için bir temel olup, herhangi bir meskende eksiksiz ev otomasyonunu elverişli bir seçenek haline getiren ilk şirkettir. Hem yeni, hem de mevcut ev elektronik sistemlerine tek dokunmalı kontrol sağlayarak yaşamı kolaylaştırır. Öncü tüketici elektronik ürünlerinin birlikte çalışmasına izin vererek,

Control4; zahmetsiz eğlence, konfor, rahatlık ve dünyanın her yerindeki ev sahiplerine iç huzuru sağlar.

Control4’un karşılanabilir ve kullanımı kolay yazılım ve donanım ürünleri, konut içi ve internet destekli uzaktan kumandalı kontrol teknolojisiyle; ev sineması kontrolu, müzik noktaları, akıllı aydınlatma, iklimlendirme kontrolu ve güvenliği sağlamaktadır.

Control4; satın alınabilir kablolu ve kablosuz otomasyon ürünleri imal ederek güvenlik, uyumluluk, konfor ve tasarrufu neredeyse herkese sunabilmektedir.

Control4 kablosuz ürünleri, kapsamlı veya pahalı yeniden şekillendirmelere gerek olmadan çok kısa zaman içerisinde kurulabilmektedir.

Control4 sistemlerini kendi özel yaşam biçimlerine uyarlamakla kalmayıp, ürünlerin birimsel doğası sayesinde küçükten başlayıp zaman içinde sistemlerine ilave ürünler ekleyebilirler.

Control4 ürünleri; aydınlatma, ses, video, manzara ve iklimlemdirmeyi kullanımı kolay tek bir sistemde birleştirerek mükemmel bir çözüm sunmaktadırlar.